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Soundsleep App

During the UX Design Fundamentals course, offered by the California Institute of the Arts, I did the ideation, articulation and development of a clickable prototype for an app of my choice.

mockup soundsleep.jpg


Early on the process, I should:

  • Define a name, tagline, and description for my app;

  • Define who the users of my app would be, with their potential roles and one persona from one of the groups;

  • Come up with client/designer goals for my app;

  • Decide how my app would work;

  • Do research on similar apps.

After that, I started mapping not only the content but also the interaction the user would have with my app. A very quick visual research was made, to define the general look and feel of the app, but elements related to the User Interface were less important in this exercise than the ones related to the content, interaction and navigation of my app.

Next phase was researching and establishing the wireframes of some of my main screens, that would help built the final assignment: the clickable prototype (done using Figma). A simple user research was made after that phase, asking family member to test the app, which led to some minor changes in the design. Also, my peers in the course provided useful feedback that help shape the general experience and minor details.

The following document was my final submission to the course. Also, you can check the prototype by clicking here


Your sleep time made better, with relaxing and calming sounds.

Soundsleep’s curated library of relaxing sounds will help you sleep, whether you suffer from sleep disorders or just have a hard time relaxing at night. You can create your own playlists, choosing from a library of thousands of sounds, and set a timer and an alarm for when you wake up. 


The app also has simple guided meditation exercises that you can do at anytime, and provides you with useful daily tips on how to go on with your day, so your nights can be better!

Product's functions (from most important to least):

  1. Provides a curated library of relaxing sounds for you to listen to (such as rain, wind, fire, running water, birds, leafs, distant muffled voices, crunchy snow etc.)

  2. Allows you to create your own playlists from these sounds, setting a timer for it to play and an alarm to wake you up. 3. Provides you with simple guided meditation exercises to help you focus and relax.

  3. Gives you useful tips during the day that can help you sleep better at night (e.g. instructs you to exercise regularly, drink less coffee after 6 pm, drink more water etc.)


Four potential roles that are a part of my initial user target group:


  • People that have sleep disorders such as insomnia and night terrors;

  • People that are trying to improve their sleep cycle;

  • People that want to sleep faster;

  • People that are trying to focus and concentrate on a specific task and/or meditate.

Expanding the description with a persona from group 1:

Eli, 27-year-old, Atlanta
Freelance photographer and an Art student
Lives with friends in a shared 4th floor apartment
Suffers from insomnia and is trying not to rely on medication to help him sleep Likes reading and walking with his dog.

Four client/designer goals for my app design (from most important to least):


  1. Allow people to take control of their sleep cycle

  2. Help mitigate stress and sleep deprivation on people that live a busy life

  3. Help reduce the use of sleep medications

  4. Help people that are trying to start meditating

Soundlseep screens.png
home sem like.png
now playing.png
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