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During the UX Design Fundamentals course, by California Institute of the Arts, I did the ideation, articulation and development of a clickable prototype for an app of my choice.

Early on the process, I should:

  • Define a name, tagline, and description for my app;

  • Define who the users of my app would be, with their potential roles and one persona from one of the groups;

  • Come up with client/designer goals for my app;

  • Decide how my app would work;

  • Do research on similar apps.

After that, I started mapping not only the content but also the interaction the user would have with my app. A very quick visual research was made, to define the general look and feel of the app, but elements related to the User Interface were less important in this exercise than the ones related to the content, interaction and navigation of my app.

Next phase was researching and establishing the wireframes of some of my main screens, that would help built the final assignment: the clickable prototype (done using Figma). A simple user research was made after that phase, asking family member to test the app, which led to some minor changes in the design. Also, my peers in the course provided useful feedback that help shape the general experience and minor details.

The following document was my final submission to the course. Also, you can check the prototype by clicking here

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